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Maria Suttle, License #00993453



Since 1988 Maria Suttle has been a full time Realtor, active in Southwest Riverside County real estate marketing, sales, and sales management. She shows success-proven skills in real estate sales, negotiation, and sales team leadership. In addition, she has a history of training and mentoring many other top producing agents.


Maria has an exceptional ability to efficiently and effectively handle complex transactions. She has strong organizational skills, and a special ability in personal negotiations, with attention to detail in the offer/counteroffer process. She specializes in thorough follow-through from start to finish in the escrow process. Maria has decades of awards and recognition for Top Sales Leadership in Canyon Lake and throughout Southwest Riverside County. Maria shows not only high sales Volume, but Quality of Sales as well. Home sellers are not interested only in getting their property sold, but in obtaining the best price for the home. It takes no marketing skills at all to sell an underpriced property. Where some agents may try only to achieve high sales volume numbers by getting prices down, Maria takes a different approach. Her real estate promotions are aimed not just at making sales, but are thoughtfully designed to attract the right buyers to the right homes. This means finding buyers for whom specific properties really and truly have the greatest appeal. Such results are obtained not only by skilled market targeting, using today’s advanced marketing tools in ways that reach the right buyers, but also by skillfully informing the agent community of the qualities of the home being promoted.